After writing for years on her own, Dallas area native, LIEZA, boldly stepped into her newly formed alias, solidifying her as a bonafide artist through a curtain of raw catchy melodies set to shimmery backbeats. With the help of Grammy award winning writer and producer Femke, her lyrical honesty reflects her insecurities and organic emotions and create an unspoken bond between the artist and the audience. The sparkling beats blended with acoustic and electronic elements in her music have influential notes from Lorde, Julia Michaels and Allie X.


Having only stepped out as an artist on her own in 2017, LIEZA has already found a home for her music with her listeners and experienced great successes with her releases. Her debut song, “Eyeliner”, was featured R3HAB’s Night Playlist, and “Don’t Make Me Dance” made it on to New Music Friday in The Netherlands. Most recently her single “Hate Me” garnered the attention of playlist creators from Spotify across the globe and was featured on 9 New Music Friday playlists and scored a spot on the popular German playlist Pop Brandneu.

Her latest track, "Arcade Lover", is about "this crazy all-consuming, yet inevitably fleeting, vibrant young love affair. Those ones that keep you on your toes and play games with your head, while they recklessly hurdle toward a beautifully tragic end". LIEZA is set to release this highly anticipated new summer anthem on May 11,2018 under Nashville based, LV Music.